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The measures proposed by ADECA to the Albacete City Council to reactivate the economy of Campollano companies

Some strategic measures that go through the reduction of local taxes by 25%: both the IBI, the IAE, the road tax and the garbage rate


Tax breaks, direct aid to contracting, promoting public works in Campollano, promoting the contracting of SMEs by the administrations and carrying out tests on workers affected by COVID-19 before registering them.

The Association of Entrepreneurs of Campollano has sent the Albacete City Council "a battery of key proposals to try to alleviate the crisis caused by the coronavirus and the paralysis derived from the State of Alarm in the Campollano Business Park", explained Santos Prieto, president Of the entity.

Some strategic measures that go through the reduction of local taxes by 25%, both the IBI, the IAE, the circulation tax and the garbage rate, this year 2020. “All SMEs and self-employed in the Business Park have been forced to close its facilities for several weeks, so businessmen anticipate that the 2020 fiscal year will obtain a 30% lower turnover compared to 2019, according to a survey of Campollano companies at the beginning of the pandemic, "said the president. from ADECA.

Infrastructure maintenance

The Association of Entrepreneurs is also committed to maintaining the 'Campollano 2020 Infrastructure Plan' "in order to maintain the pulse and serve as a stimulus for the battered economy." It is requested that "extreme efficiency in the management of tenders, in the simplification of procedures and in the rapid execution of works so that they are carried out this year, if possible, before the month of October," Santos Prieto explained. ADECA calls for the planned infrastructures not to be paralyzed: such as the splitting of the Paseo de la Cuba bridge, the complete remodeling of the Autovía Street, or the asphalting and improvement of the Campollano streets.

Direct aid to companies and freelancers

In this sense, from ADECA it is demanded to bet on direct aid to companies and the self-employed through subsidy lines. It is claimed that innovative projects such as 'Campollano MarketPlace', the vehicle sales incentive campaign in Campollano or scholarships to FP DUAL students in their incorporation to companies are supported; as well as promoting the purchase in SMEs of Campollano by the different public administrations.

Another measure involves reconverting the City Council's employment plan so that Campollano companies and SMEs are the ones to develop the contracts and the council is the one that subsidizes the companies.

The last of the lawsuits involves demanding that medical workers diagnosed with Coronavirus not be discharged without having undergone a test to confirm that they have already overcome the disease, guaranteeing that the rest of the company's workers are not infected work with all the security guarantees ”, affirmed Santos Prieto.

In short, "these are concrete measures that would guarantee the viability, liquidity and continuity of companies" adding that "in this way, the Albacete City Council has a magnificent opportunity to demonstrate commitment and solidarity with the main economic engine of the city , which is Campollano ”, concluded the president of ADECA.

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