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Guia comercial de Albacete Tourist services ALBACETE Albacete

Albacete Municipal Museum is a multipurpose museum located in the Plaza del Altozano of the Spanish city of Albacete


Albacete Municipal Museum was opened in 1995 to occupy the seat that housed until 1986 the city of Albacete.

Altozano Square was officially considered the center of the city in 1902 and the City installed its headquarters there in 1903, in the old Casa Cortés, remodeled by architect Martínez Villena and released in 1905 by King Alfonso XIII.


The unique building, with brick facade and elongated windows, has a central tower that houses the famous clock that presides over the Plaza del Altozano, and that on December 31, was crowded to take the grapes outdoors. Of its facade, of great beauty, it also highlights the shield of Albacete.

The Municipal Museum is a multipurpose space of five modern rooms that hosts many temporary exhibitions throughout the year as well as the headquarters of the International Museum of Folk Art of the World, located on the second floor, with which it shares facilities. The permanent exhibition consists of more than 10,000 pieces from the five continents. The old hall of the city of Albacete, located on the first floor is used for civil wedding ceremonies as well as lectures, conferences or public events.