Guia comercial de Albacete Tourist services ALBACETE Albacete
Guia comercial de Albacete Tourist services ALBACETE Albacete
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Guia comercial de Albacete Tourist services ALBACETE Albacete

The Tree Festival is one of the largest, oldest and emblematic urban parks in the Spanish city of Albacete.

With 61 719 m2, it is located west of the capital, between the Avenue of the Toreros, Crossing Lerida, Lerida Street and the street Our Lady of Montserrat. Deposits houses the iconic Water the Tree Festival, symbol of the city.


Walk to the park entrance of the Tree Festival.
The Park Tree Festival was created in 1906 in a land known as "The Eye of the blade" donated by the city of Albacete to celebrate the Day of the Tree Festival at the request of the president of the Agricultural Chamber. At celebration or party they planted trees, hence the name Park Tree Festival, which replaced his first name, Mateo Lopez Park in honor of its founder and promoter, Professor of Agriculture.

The November 20, 1935 the city of Albacete approved the project to build a new water tank in the park of the Tree Festival in order to improve water supply in the city. Leveraging its construction around the park it was remodeled. The new water tank was ended November 5, 1944 with a height of 67.3 meters.

The park was expanded in 1984 to cover 7,500 m2 land corresponding to the Rose Garden, which opened on September 6 of that year by the mayor of Madrid Enrique Tierno Galvan.

In 2009 and the following years the park was remodeled and rehabilitated and expanded water tanks of the Tree Festival to become a gazebo and water interpretation center and visitor reception.